Friday, March 18, 2011

The curriculum we chose for kindergarten.

So I looked at several different websites & the curricula they offered.  I chose to go with the Alpha Omega publishers.  They offer several great Christian based curricula.  Including the "Switched on Schoolhouse" curriculum brand that the Duggars use - which, if you're interested go to their site as there is a 12% discount offered that way.  We have plans to use that curriculum brand - I love that so much can be done online with instant grading & it even keeps record of all finished work & grades.  However, since that curriculum brand begins with third grade we will be using other curriculum in the meantime. 

What did we decide on for Kindergarten?  Horizons kindergarten phonics & reading set and Horizons kindergarten math set.  I have a Seasonal Science book I've been using with James for pre-k that will have plenty of activities we haven't done yet by kindergarten & some we can re-do if it fits.  As well as a book of other activities we can do if he needs or wants it.  One of my favorite books to use for pre-k here at home has been Alphabet on Parade.  The Seasonal Science, Alphabet on Parade & Just-Right Homework books all came from the Teach Mart store (physical store, not online). 

I've been reading that it isn't good to overload with too many subjects the first couple years of school & apparently the AOP (Alpha Omega Publications company would agree as both of the curricula brands they offer for kindergarten have basically just language arts/reading and math.  Horizons does offer health & phys ed sets as electives but I figure those would mostly be a waste. 

For physical education I'm hoping to be continually enrolling James in some sort of sport or physical activity class.  I've heard of companies that do phys ed groups for homeschooled children so I'll be looking into that as well. 

So I think that covers the curriculum.  If I left anything out feel free to comment or ask questions and I can always answer in comments or revise this post. 


Kathy said...

Nice job Kim. I like the E-Learning For Kids Website you posted on the sidebar. I have not seen that website until now. I'm going to bookmark it for Kyle. :-) He's getting quite good with his computer skills. :-)

Camille said...

Looks good to me!
I ordered My Father's World A-Z to go along with the phonics and math programs we were already doing. It's too much. We hardly use it. I like it alot but, really, at the pre-k/K level phonics and math is PLENTY.

Kimmybeth said...

@ Kathy - I'm so glad you found something useful for you! I was really hoping that not only could I keep people updated on our homeschooling adventures & shed some light on what homeschooling is about (as I learn for myself through experience) but also to be useful & helpful to anyone who wants to find some creative & educational ideas for things to do with their kids for fun or maybe to help with anyone else who is interested in homeschooling as well.
I really appreciate your comments Kathy. It is encouraging to know that people read my blog as well as get something out of it.

Kimmybeth said...

@ Camille - There's a woman who heads up our local homeschoolers meet-up group who uses My Father's World. :)
You know, I was all set (and so worried) to do several subjects like they would do in school. Then I read a homeschool blog saying that at the kindergarten level it's just too much if you try to do it all. I really thought about it & knowing James (who can easily become overwhelmed - just another reason why hs is a good fit for us) it WOULD be too much. So we're going to do the math, phonics/reading & then maybe throw in some science from the pre-k/k teacher's book I have now, every once in a while for fun. (Once a week, perhaps?)
Thank you so much for your comment! I hope we can share more of our experiences soon!