Monday, November 28, 2011

Our very first lapbook! A Christmas lapbook!

So I'm pretty excited.  I've been reading about lapbooks for several months now.  I've been wanting to do one but haven't found quite the inspiration I needed.  With Christmastime here, that was the inspiration I needed.  So, after a few hours (over the course of a couple of days) I managed to put together enough things for a Christmas lapbook!  I'm very excited.  Of course, I'll share pictures & links as well. 
Tell me what you think after you see it. 
The "Symbols of Christmas math," "Away In A Manger fill in the blanks" & "Christmas word match" are my own creations. 
"Why Jesus Is Better Than Santa" came from here. (I did modify it a bit & change the format for my lapbook.)
The Reindeer puzzle can be found here.
The "Winter Time Is Here" mini-book can be found here.
The Help the Elf shape sorting can be found here.
Not shown here are two stories I plan to read before introducing the lapbook. 
The story of St. Nicholas and the Nativity story.

The cover.

The inside.

A close up of "Why Jesus Is Better Than Santa."


Melanie said...

Looks great! What FUN! Thanks for sharing. :)

Rockabye Butterfly said...

Hi Kim, I came to check out your blog! I love your Christmas Lapbook! :)

Will you enter my latest giveaway? You would love the K5 Learning online fun, Butterfly had so much fun with it! Come check it out and sign up!

Rockabye Butterfly :)