Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Update

Goodness!  I definitely have been slacking on my blogging!  I apologize. 

First off, the kids are doing great! 

James is reading a bit more confidently now.  He's definitely getting the hang of it.  Math is his shorter subject so he enjoys that because he knows it won't take long to finish a lesson.  He's able to tell time (top of the hour time on analog clocks & digital; he's getting better at reading the different minutes for the digital too).  He's counting money - just the pennies, nickels & dimes for now.  He's adding in the 1's family plus he's learning to use a number line to count as well.  It is absolutely amazing to me how much he's learned during the 43 school days we've had!  So crazy to think that he has learned so much, so quickly.  I love seeing him grow & learn.

Alexandra loves to learn as well.  I've not been doing much with her (other than giving her crayons & a coloring book) but during bath time she LOVES showing me the different letters we have for the tub & I tell her the letter name & the sound it makes.  So she knows the letters A & O by name & sound.  She knows the sounds that the letters M, S, T, B, E & P make as well.  It's wonderful that she has retained so much of that information!  I'm sure the Leap Frog Letter Factory dvd has helped too.  I know it helped James learn them awfully quickly when we bought that for him when he was 4.  I never thought to work with James on letter sounds when he was 2.  I was just working on the letters & the alphabet song.  With Alexandra she's showing me that I am underestimating her & I need to step it up.  So I'm going to begin using the book we have "Alphabet on Parade" to teach her more of the alphabet in lessons in a fun way. 

I NEED to get better at including art & health.  I have a health curriculum for him.  Although I discovered early on that I only have enough lessons for 1 lesson per week half the year and 2 lessons per week for the other half.  Although the past few weeks I've done 0.  And art would be completely from ideas I get online or off the top of my head - which getting time to do that is what I need to do.  Usually the little down time I get I like to relax & read or watch my dvr-ed shows. 

I took some pictures of Alexandra doing her A & apple art yesterday so I need to upload that to the computer, edit this post & add those pictures to this blog post.

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