Thursday, September 1, 2011

We have a health curriculum now!

So the other day we received James' health curriculum
I was unsure whether or not I wanted to do this curriculum because when I first glanced at it a couple of months ago it didn't seem impressive.  I have also read online that the first year (kindergarten anyway) you shouldn't overload a child.  So I was doing the full blown phonics & math curriculum from AOP with some supplemental science thrown in.  Then after reading more in depth about the health curriculum I figured it would be a good idea.  After receiving the books & reading the scope & sequence from K-7/8 of their curriculum (in the other books), I think it will be a great curriculum.  I hope it will be anyway.  So stay tuned to hear more of that. 

So far I think we'll school for 32 weeks (4 weeks of built in breaks there).  At which point he should be through all his curriculum.  I will then give him the option to continue on all year or take a 3 month (all of June-August) break before beginning the next level. 

So that breaks down to 5 lessons per week of math.  1 lesson a week of health for 16 weeks & 2 lessons of health per week for 16 weeks.  I have no clue what it would break down to for phonics because we haven't received it yet.  I ordered it when I ordered the health, but it was on back order & shipped almost a week later.  So I should have it as early as Saturday or as late as Wednesday.  I'm excited! 

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