Saturday, June 4, 2011

Starting Soon

Hi friends!  I just wanted to say that I'm hoping to be able to purchase the kindergarten math & phonics/reading curriculum for James' homeschooling soon.  This month, possibly next.  So not long after that I may be posting pictures & information on how things are going with us.  It all depends on if James wants to wait until after summer or if he wants to start doing it now.  I think if we start now, I'll start slowly, working him up to it.  Otherwise we'll start in mid/late August and also start slowly....but not too slowly. 

I wanted to also apologize (to Kathy H & Camille) for not having replied to your wonderful comments sooner.  My first Blogger blog on this account I have the settings where I'm notified on my dashboard about any pending comments (comment approval prior to publishing) & I hadn't seen any of that on any of my blogs on my dashboard.  Then I decided to check the "comments" link of all my blogs and low and behold, there are two!  I felt awful seeing that they were from almost two weeks ago!  These compartmentalized blogs of mine do NOT have comment approval, therefore absolutely no comment notification that I'm aware of.  That stinks.  So I'll be checking here a few times a week to reply to comments.  I absolutely love & welcome your comments friends.  As well as any friendly tips.  Please follow my blog if you feel it could be interesting, entertaining or informative to you.  


Most often known as Mama said...

Ur crazy! I didn't think anything about it!

What did you decide to do for James? Are you kind of piecing things together or buying a curriculum "kit?"

I'm starting M with Kindy in July/August too! I've researched phonics programs to death. We've already started Horizons Math (after some work with Shiller). So far so good. I'm so nervous about teaching her to read. It's such an important foundation. Ya know? T already knew how to read when we started HS. So teaching M to read is all on me. Yikes!!

Kimmybeth said...

What have you thought of the Horizons Math?

I've worked with James a bit on the reading. He's starting out pretty well. It is so exciting to see.
I think what I've learned so far (which isn't much because it's so early on) is that I just need to have LOTS of patience or fake it if I don't. James is easily crushed/hurt & if this happens he gets negative & quits. I try to get him jazzed about reading so he can read his "Cars" books, etc.