Monday, June 20, 2011

The math curriculum is here!

I'm pretty excited!  We got James' math curriculum the day before yesterday, in the mail.  From reading the introduction & such in the beginning I feel happy with what we've chosen & I feel that James should do well with it.  I'm a bit surprised to think that by this time next year my son should be able to add, subtract, tell time (digital & analog), know how to count money, as well as be introduced to other aspects of math/life.  Wow - they learn so much in this first year! 
I'm hoping that in two and a half weeks we can purchase his phonics/reading curriculum.  Afterward, I only need to buy a math manipulatives set.  So most likely September is when we'll start teaching him.  For now, we're reading library books & he's working on the loom to make a few potholders.  :-)

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